The Toronto Amateur Radio Club is dedicated to serving the Amateur Radio (HAM) community and the general public in Toronto, ON and throughout the GTA.

Our members volunteer their time and enthusiasm at community events and participate in simulation exercises giving us valuable experience in preparing for emergency communication needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month (except July and August). Guests … both hams and non-hams … are always welcome at any of our meetings!

The club operates under the call sign VE3TNC


The Toronto Amateur Radio Club (TARC) is a club comprised of over 25 licensed Amateur Radio Operators who meet monthly to exchange ideas, improve their radio skills, organize activities that are of service to the area, promote the development of Amateur radio activities and join together in the mutual interest of Ham Radio.

Some of our club activities include:

Public Service:

  • CANWARN is a volunteer organization of ham radio operators who report severe weather when they see it to Environment Canada. What they do is called ground-truthing. They confirm on the ground what satellites and radars see in the atmosphere. When Environment Canada’s weather centers issue severe weather watches or warnings, they alert the CANWARN volunteers at the organization’s regional stations in the affected areas. The volunteers contact other CANWARN members on the ham radio, tell them a watch or warning has been issued and ask them to report signs of approaching severe weather. These include lightning, hail, cumulonimbus clouds or as they are known in the trade CBs, and funnel clouds, which if they touch down are then called tornadoes.Environment Canada trains ham radio operators to spot and report severe weather. They learn about the structure of storms, the types of clouds to watch for and what the department’s severe weather watches and warnings mean. All CANWARN volunteers are encouraged to sign up for the refresher courses which the department offers each year. Any licensed ham radio operator may become a CANWARN volunteer. Men and women who are studying for their licences or are listeners of short wave radios may join CANWARN as associate volunteers.

Providing radio communications support to local events (parades, marathons, etc.).

  • Providing emergency radio communications support for local emergency response officials in the event of a local, county-wide, or state-wide emergency (tornado, flood, or other severe weather emergency; search for lost persons, community disaster, etc.)

 · Engaging in group ham activities, such as the annual ARRL Amateur Radio Field Day, contests and special events.

 · Providing local amateur radio classes and license examinations to all persons interested in the amateur radio hobby.

 · Elmers: hams who help newly licensed hams get their radio stations on the air are called “elmers”. Our members are always willing to assist other hams with radio equipment selection, antenna selection and installation, and any other advise or assistance needed. We enjoy introducing people to our hobby and are willing to help in any way we can. Just ask!