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Toronto Amateur Radio Club

Our next club meeting is Thursday May 16th @ 7:30PM at the Edithvale Community Centre – 131 Finch Ave. W. in the Banquet Room on the Ground Floor.

Club Meeting Agenda

  • Opening Remarks & Admin Update

  • 2019 ARRL Field Day

   Dave VA3TRK will be talking about 2019 Field Day preparations.   
   2019 ARRL Field Day is June 22-23.  Field Day is always held on the 4th full weekend in     June.

For some more information on Field Day please visit the ARRL      website: http://www.arrl.org/field-day

  • Antenna and Radio Testing 

    This is a continuation of one of our earlier meetings where we tested antennas using an antenna analyzer.   Tim VA3TMA and Sergey VE3SPV will be bringing in their antenna analyzers that will be able to test antennas up to 600MHz 

    Please plan to bring in any antennas you would like to have tested, due to the limited space we have we suggest testing only VHF/UHF antennas although we may be able to test some mobile HF/VHF/UHF antennas as well (weather permitting of course). 

    Dave VA3TRK will also be bringing in a spectrum analyzer to test out your radio transmit signals, here are some of the uses of a spectrum analyzer that we will be able to test:

    • The overall spectrum of a modulated signal to see whether it is wide enough or too narrow, etc. If it is too wide then it could cause interference to users in adjacent channels.
    • To investigate whether any spurious or unwanted signals are present. These signals could cause interference to users on other frequencies is signals are transmitted.
    • To find out whether a signal is on the right frequency, and not in another band for example.


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To contact the Toronto Amateur Radio Club please send us an email at ve3tnc@gmail.com

The club net is Wednesdays at 7:30PM on the VE3TNC repeater 147.270 – tone 103.5. Net controllers: Tim VE3TMA  Robert VE3ZQI Henry VE3HJL